Saint-Tropez is one of the best places to visit in France to experience the glamour and beauty of the French Riviera.

Our Retreats are designed for Real People! No need to be a master yogi or a professional athlete, you just need to spend a week or a week-end having fun in one of the most beautiful places in Côte d’Azur Saint Tropez.

There will be plenty of activities like hiking in the mountains, boot camp, cross fit, yoga with dj as well as a variety of classes from sunrise or sunset meditations to strong morning asthanga/vinyasa flows; and on the afternoon, restorative sessions of yin yoga with violin, pranayama, stretching. Always optional – but don’t be afraid to try it! After all, this week is about trying new things that bring you more happiness. 

If you’re interested in improving your life with small changes, come to Saint-Tropez with us and you will never regret your decision!One day, realise that All you have is now!!!

Upcoming Retreat in September!

Dates to be confirmed​

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You will return to your normal life energized and refreshed!