About us

We are energetic, healthy, fun, enthusiastic people who would like to share their knowledge in Sport and Beauty and spend a great time with you!


“I am always full of energy and love challenging myself to get better everyday at everything I do. Nevertheless, finding the balance needed to experience a feeling of deep satisfaction from this great life has been a long time challenge. The answer I found is Yoga.

Yoga gives you the inner power and the healthy body you need to choose what is good for you on a daily basis.

I would like to help my community find their own”.

After completing studies in international business & Languages at la Sorbonne and a short modeling career in Paris, Nadiya moved to Switzerland where she fell in love with the Swiss Art of living and discovered Yoga.

Feeling the urge to discover yoga further, Nadiya moved to India and graduated from Abhijna School in Ashtanga and Vinyasa.

Since, she is a regular group teacher in Paris and has given thousands of private classes to clients looking to find that last piece missing to experience the feeling of fulfillment from one’s life.

Nadiya has a contagious endless energy and enthusiasm!


“From the infinite peace of Sakhalin island, an isolated Russian Island in the north of Japan where I was born, I was thrown into the turmoil of an International modeling career.  

Never ending shootings, diners and hedonistic life… and everybody expects from you to keep happy and beautiful everyday!

The most common answer in this configuration is “fake it until you make it”… but, actually, you don’t make it if you don’t have the required inner power and outer confidence.

Discovering Yoga was a game changer for me and I know my community will feel the same” .

Olga started practicing gymnastics at the age of 4 and was a ballet dancer in Russia until joining Elite model agency in 2002. 

She came across Yoga during a trip in Japan at the age of 16 and never stopped since. 

Olga teaches yoga in her Parisian studio. More than just yoga sessions, she uses her experience in the demanding fashion world to help their clients from the same industry to find their inner balance.

Her skills as a yoga teacher and passion for healthy way of life, beauty products and nature give her a clear vision of what the combination of healthy, beautiful and fun looks like.