Your Inner peace & Outer happiness

Magnum Yoga Retreat

We will take you to the most beautiful and exclusive places around the world to :

We nurture your nature​

Your body finds its natural harmony through a selection of personalized physical activities : different types of yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Hiking…​

We satisfy your pioneer instinct​

Trips to hidden island’s gems (Colombier beach, natural pools…), soulful music and activities in a mind-blowing mix of natural scenery and harmonious architecture.

We indulge your senses​

The passion for exclusive food and wine our Chefs incarnate leaves you with a long-lasting taste of gratitude for nature and all it has to offer!

We have fun with our exclusive community​

Endless summer dinners surrounded by the beauty of people and landscape, laugh until crying while you sing out loud your favorite song… and just make friends and memories that will last​!



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st tropez

St -Tropez

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